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Obviously, Peggy, you’re awesome!

Obviously, Peggy, you’re awesome!

Live music night

Live music night

Office elevator. What I don’t miss about Shanghai - the sardine can experience every morning and after every lunch!

Office elevator. What I don’t miss about Shanghai - the sardine can experience every morning and after every lunch!


Sugar beets
Ampalaya tops
Camote tops
Buko juice

And three shots of apple cider vinegar.



time out and the f-word

It’s been two weeks since I got back from my year-long adventure that was Shanghai.

One of the people I met there was a funny little man named T. He was our Talent guy and he warmed up to me immediately after telling me he loves Boracay, sinigang and Pinoys. A few months ago during one of our HR catch-ups he told me he had resigned. Time to focus on himself, he said, and because so much of his life had been rigidly structured around work, his plan was not to have one at all. He was just going to see where life would take him. He immediately followed this up by telling me that he had was a “framework” with general ideas about what to do next. This might sound like a plan to you, and it definitely did to me, especially once the f-word was thrown out.

When he first told me about his plan/non-plan I couldn’t quite grasp the idea of just not working. When I quit my job last year I spent two months pretty much sitting at home becuase I couldn’t comfortably travel, pick up a new hobby without knowing my next employment step. By the time I got the Shanghai job I wished I had traveled, taken classes, done a little more with my free time. But it was too late, I had signed a three-year contract and committed to a new job.

It’s a long story but I cut the three years to one year and now here I am again. Except I’ve got no work plan at all. I’m back home and not quite sure what I’m doing here.

I’m also of the mind that responsible adults must have jobs and/or be doing graduate studies and/or be doing full-time parenting. That’s it. Jobs can be professional or self-employed but it is weird to be in a decidedly unproductive state.

Yet I made the call and declined no less than four job offers. I’ve turned jobs down before, but always for something that is somehow better. Never yet for no job at all. I have no real plans for the next six weeks, and then I’ll hope on a plane to the States for more personal time. Part of me feels like this is hugely irresponsible, but the better part of me is focusing on chilling out and taking things very, very easy.

Another small part of me is wondering how I’m going to maximize this time and make it worth the break. Maybe a framework isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Woke up to the angry, howling wind after a year without typhoons or power outages. Missing Shanghai right about now.

The end of the Derek Jeter Era.

"I was the very lowest ranked member of the crew. I would only be ‘in command’ if I were the only remaining person. What do you know? I’m in command."

The Martian successfully navigated the minefield that is “Lead character lost in space”. Steady pace and action, injection of new characters at the perfect time, a monologue (via journal entry) that is authentic and funny.

Without the right tone, this kind of story could end up extremely boring and with the single-character perspective, extremely whiny. I’ve recently seen that kind of worst-case scenario in the film Gravity. Ugh. Stop whining, Sandy! Gorgeous production value, sure, but the Cuaron brothers should have executed their concept as a short IMAX film instead of a tedious nintey-minute stretch.

Despite the use of a jarring amount of scientific jargon, Weir’s Mark Watney is compelling and likeable. He is both matter-of-fact (“Fortunately, when you spend a lot of time in space, you learn how to shit in a bag.”) and light-hearted (“[11:49] JPL: What we can see of your planned cut looks good. You’re cleared to start drilling. [12:07] Watney: That’s what she said. [12:25] JPL: Seriously, Mark? Seriously?”) about his scenario. The determination and critical thinking he applies to surviving on the planet move the action along and make it seem like he has a real chance to make it home.

I haven’t stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading since my teen years, but The Martian was a (Kindle) book I couldn’t put down. Space isn’t even am area of fiction I am remotely interested in but this was a brilliantly told story. Book of the year!

Sol X

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book that I really, truly could not put down. #TheMartian

But it’s 3am so I’m forcing myself to stop and sleep. Can’t wait til I can pick it up again tomorrow.

Good meetings today. HDB - 3 hours - NW. Here’s hoping…!

Been home a week but it feels like way longer. Wonder what that means…

Quick read. Strong start but a harried finish.

Quick read. Strong start but a harried finish.

Saw these gorgeous posters online and I rushed to read the book before it got all movie-fied.


Exactly the words I want to be hearing!

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